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  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Register today and divide program fees over 12 weeks with bi-weekly installments! Select "MANUAL PAYMENT" at checkout. Pay your first installment today, then pay once every 2 weeks for 5 additional installments. Installment payments are not automated and can be paid online through credit or debit. We will email you your payment schedule indicating the due dates and amounts.
  • Does the price listed include a lift ticket?
    Please note that the price does not include a lift ticket. To make the most of your time on the slopes during our programs, we recommend participants to purchase a season pass. It's essential to ensure you've secured your pass before the season pass sales deadlines.
  • Are there supports for me if cost is a barrier?
    Yes! Snowboarding can be an expensive sport and we want to make sure our riders have access to resources to help make the sport accessible to as many young riders as possible! There are a number of financial supports for registration listed below. Kidsport Nova Scotia - Up to $500 to cover registration fees or equipment Jumpstart - Up to $300 (2x per year up to $600) to cover registration fees Some Municipalities also offer funding for community sport programs If you need support navigating these supports or want to discuss further in confidence - please contact us!
  • What ages can participate?
    The minimum age is 7 for RIDERS Blue. Younger riders can be admitted on a case by case basis with a recommendation from a Snow School instructor if the rider has surpassed age-appropriate Snow School programs. The maximum age for most programs is 16 years old, except for Para which is open to all ages.
  • Which RIDERS level is right for me?
    At Maritime Jibbers, we offer programs designed for varying skill levels. Here's a quick guide: RIDERS Blue: Ideal for those fresh from snow school, comfortable on Green & Blue trails, with no race or freestyle experience. RIDERS Black: For riders exploring the whole mountain, with some race & freestyle experience. They're starting to work on rotations off jumps, introduced to rails, and Snowboardcross (SBX) terrain. Wentworth Jibbers Team: Designed for advanced riders, tackling gap rails, larger rotations (360+), and more advanced alpine & SBX techniques. If you're uncertain which level suits your rider, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to guide you. Additionally, we make necessary adjustments during the first week of programs to ensure the best experience and progression for every rider.
  • How good do I need to be to join one of the programs?
    At Maritime Jibbers, we're dedicated to tailoring the best coaching experience to each rider's skill level. To join us, riders should be at least 7 years old and be comfortable navigating slopes, linking turns, and loading a chairlift independently. If you're not quite there yet, we'll help you find the right Snow School lesson with a qualified instructor. We're here to complement the Snow School, offering the next step for those who've graduated. It's all about your progress, every step of the way!
  • Who are our coaches?
    Our coaching team is a diverse blend of age and experience. It includes highly seasoned coaches with international coaching experience and younger coaches who were former athletes transitioning into coaching. All our coaches are rigorously trained and certified through the Canada Snowboard Coaching Program and the NCCP. They've completed extensive Safe Sport, Criminal Record Checks, and Respect in Sport requirements. In addition, they undergo internal training to ensure program consistency.
  • How many athletes do you have per coach?
    Our goal is to provide a personalized coaching experience. We maintain a coach to athlete ratio of 1 to 6, with an absolute maximum of 1 to 8 coaches to athletes.
  • Do we provide transportation to Wentworth?
    Parents or Guardians are responsible for transportation to the hill for programs.
  • Where will I be riding during the programs?
    Get ready to explore the mountain! During our programs, you'll experience a mix of riding on chairlifts, t-bars, trails, terrain parks, snowboardcross courses, and other race courses. For RIDERS Blue, expect to spend most of your time on Green & Blue trails like Rosebowl, Beaver, and Sugar Shack, as well as the Sissy Park, Progression Park, and the SBX course. RIDERS Black groups venture onto Green, Blue, and Black trails, and may explore introductory tree runs when conditions allow. You'll also enjoy the Sissy, Progression, and Orchard Parks, along with SBX courses and gate setups. As for the Wentworth Jibbers Team, the mountain is your playground. You'll ride everywhere and anywhere, conquering all the mountain has to offer, from parks to race courses.
  • How do I progress to the Nova Scotia Snowboard Provincial Teams?
    Progressing to the Nova Scotia Snowboard Provincial Teams is a clear pathway from our Wentworth Jibbers Team program. This program serves as a stepping stone for riders looking to take the competitive route. Wentworth Jibbers Team participants will have the chance to attend NSSBD ID Camps, and our coaches will collaborate closely with NSSBD coaches to identify and support athletes who are interested in pursuing this exciting opportunity.
  • Do I have to compete in events?
    Competing is always a personal choice. Our coaches won't pressure you to participate in events. However, riders in all programs will receive encouragement to take part in local Grom and community events. Our coaching team will be there to support you at these events. Grom and community events are relaxed and focused on progression and trying new things, rather than intense competition. For Wentworth Jibbers Team members and some RIDERS Black athletes, there will be encouragement to participate in Nova Scotia Snowboard Provincial events. Our coaching team will provide guidance and support at these competitions.
  • I'd like to know more about the NS Snowboard GROM & Provincial Series events, along with other community events taking place this season
    Nova Scotia Snowboard hosts snowboard events in the province with a lineup of thrilling competitions that cater to riders of all levels. Maritime Jibbers coaches attend all events and are ready to support our athletes on event day for no extra fee. Details for 2024 are below: Grom Events (ages 6-12): Embark on an exciting journey into the world of snowboarding with Grom events – a perfect blend of fun and friendly competition. Designed for riders who are new to the snowboarding scene, participants will navigate multi-discipline courses, conquering turns, jumps, and park features, all under the guidance and support of Maritime Jibbers coaches. Plus, there are fantastic prizes up for grabs to celebrate your achievements! Pre-reg cost: $10 Event day reg cost: $15 Required membership is included in your Maritime Jibbers program fees. Jan 26 at Martock: Night Giant Slalom Feb 11 at Wentworth: Grom-Only Speed and Style Mar 9-10 at Ben Eoin: Freestyle and Speed Provincial Series Events (ages 11+): Dive into the heart of the action with Provincial Series Events, where athletes have the opportunity to compete in multiple events across the province. Earn valuable points by showcasing your skills in various competitions, and each athlete's ranking will be determined provincially using a points system throughout the season. Pre-reg cost: $25 Event day reg cost: $30 Required membership is included in your RIDERS Black and Wentworth Jibbers Team fees. Jan 26 at Martock: Night Giant Slalom Jan 27 at Martock: Night Slalom Feb 17-18 at Wentworth: Slopestyle and Big Air Mar 9-10 at Ben Eoin: Freestyle and Speed Provincial Championships (ages 11+): Elevating the excitement, the Provincial Championships mark the culmination of the season. Hosted at Martock, riders in their respective disciplines are crowned for the season. Be prepared for a showdown of talent, as the championships attract seasoned veterans, unveiling unexpected local legends in the process. You never know which snowboarding master you might encounter at these thrilling championships! Pre-reg cost: $25 Event day reg cost: $30 Mar 15: Night Parallel Giant Slalom Mar 16: Slopestyle Mar 17: Speed For up to date event listings and registration, visit If you need any help, contact us. Community Event: The Burton Mystery Series is headed to Martock for a stellar banked slalom event. Celebrating community and progression for all ages and abilities, the Burton Mystery Series features product giveaways, athlete demos, and BBQ/après hangouts. An open mind is all you need. Maritime Jibbers coaches will be in attendance and are ready to support our athletes on event day for no extra fee. Details for 2024 are below: Cost: FREE Mar 2: Banked Slalom Registration and More Details
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